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Robert Marshall

Snow Canyon Dusk

Oil on Canvas
60x66 inches


Inventory#: RMI-007

Artist Statement

“My work is inextricably connected to the land. It is my source of inspiration and confirmation. I rediscover myself in its provocations. It has been my experience that there is, at times; an inverse proportional relationship between the grandiose verses the intimate. Awareness of the intrinsic beauty of a particular location is always intensified through private, rather than collective discovery. Quiet hikes into the landscape intensify our connection with the land in a way that standing on the periphery and observing the obvious can never accomplish. This celebration of the universal, through focusing on the specific, allows each spectator a momentary release from the stress and anxiety of the hectic world by providing a temporary sanctuary-a moment of peaceful regeneration.

Interpretations of the magnificent primacy of the landscape of the west provides a confirmation of a divine origin through inner landscapes of the heart, the landscapes that include the self as an active participant, the landscapes that connect us back to ourselves. Certainty is confirmed through our involvement with ambiguities. Our connection to the landscape is one of an essential interrelationship with its intrinsic abstract characteristics. Each painting simultaneously perplexes and clarifies. Like our inextricable connection to the land, we assume possession but have no real ownership. We, and it, are always there, but our affiliation remains a mystery. My paintings are a probe into that mystery.”