David A. Vollbracht – September Light – , 11 x 14

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Dimensions 11 x 14 in

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My oil paintings depict realistic impressions of the many varied landscapes of the Kansas prairie and the Rocky Mountains.

I would like the viewers of my paintings to feel my response to nature. Thus, I orchestrate the oil paintings rather than depict a literal view of my subject in the studio or in plein air. I am trying to communicate to the viewer what I feel about this scene before me; by taking the abundant information of the landscape that my eye sees and simplifying that into an emotional response. I am less interested in copying exactly what exists and more in organizing the painting into an intuitive response to how I feel about the subject matter. I am intrigued by the patterns and shapes in nature on the prairie and the peaks of mountains and concentrate on the effects of light on these elements.

My formal education of art started in high school with Art Instruction Schools, then attending Colby Community College and Fort Hays State University. Through the years my education has continued with repeatedly studying works of artists that I admire through reading and attending workshops of Clyde Aspevig, Wayne Wolfe and Howard Friedland. Besides my numerous art shows and rewards, becoming a Signature Member of the Oil Painters of America was one of the highlights to my career as an oil painter.

David has shown his work at numerous shows including:

Virtuosos of the OPA

Alla Prima Westcliffe

Paints the Parks

Mountain Oyster Club Shows

National Oil Painters of America Exhibitions

Vernon Filley Art Museum Invitational

Kansas Masters Invitational

Paint America

National Small Oil Painting Show

Two Person Show – Coutts Museum

and various Kansas and Colorado Plein Air Shows

Awards and Honors

2017   1st place                        Alla Prima Westcliffe                       Westcliffe, CO

2016&2015   Best of Show     Alla Prima Westcliffe                       Westcliffe,CO

2013   Director’s Choice Award       Paint the Parks                       El Dorado, KS

2013   Best of Show                       Small Works Art Show             Wichita, KS

2013   2nd Place                               Red River Art Show                   Ardmore, OK

2012   Clinic Founders Award     Winter Gala Art Show                Ardmore, OK

2012   3rd Place                     National Small Oil Painting Show       Wichita, KS

2007   Gallery Award         American Plains Artist Invitational     Estes Park, CO

2003   Signature Membership Oil Painters of America

2000   Robert A DiMeo Award   O.P.A National Show                 Carmel, CA