Karen A. Budan – Pool Balls – , 40 x 30

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Dimensions 40 x 30 in

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I have had a lifelong desire to express myself through art beginning with paint by number kits at a very early age which quickly moved outside the lines established by others to create my own compositions.  Although circumstances led me to pursue a very successful first career in education, I always held alive my art interest through classes and workshops.  These opportunities were treats to be savored.  After retiring, my husband and I relocated to Scottsdale, AZ.  A major decision point for choosing Scottsdale was the art opportunities available of which I have taken full advantage resulting in my growth as an artist.

Inspiration for a painting often comes from unexpected places.  For me it might be the bright colors of a grouping of marbles or the beautiful green of a Granny Smith apple nestled in the folds of matching green and white striped material.  Painting still lifes allows me to create arrangements, adjust the lighting, and set the stage to transform everyday objects to extraordinary.  In considering a still live setup for a painting I strive for bold yet warm colors and lighting that creates strong contrast.  I am especially drawn to compositions that include translucency and reflections.  My painting style is realistic…..I thrive on the challenge of transferring the complex subtleties of the color, texture and light patterns of the composition before me onto a two dimensional surface resulting in a painting that looks as real as the setup itself.

Representation:  Park Gallery, Carmel, CA;  Castle Gallery of Fine Art, Fort Wayne, IN.