Valerie B. Gobeil – Orange Slice – , 11 x 14

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Dimensions 11 x 14 in

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Valerie B Gobeil’s art has been strongly influenced by her world travels. She has taught languages in Japan, worked for NATO for many years in Europe, and studied orangutan behavior in the rain forests of Borneo. These life experiences are reflected in her art work, to which she has been committed full-time for the past several years. The years as an expat were influential in her artistic development due to the extraordinary opportunities they provided for studying some of the world’s most beautiful art in Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Asia.

Valerie’s curiosity and keen sense of observation allow her to pause at the mundane and listen to the stories that are revealed by the stillness of life.  Her paintings, many based on objects she has collected in her travels, go beyond the visible to narrate the essence of how and why an object arrived at this point in its journey.  She concentrates on still lifes, inspired by nature and attentive to the nuances of light and shadow.

Valerie lives in Arizona with her beloved family and slightly crazy dog, Charlie. She is originally from Canada.

Member of:
Oil Painters of America
Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA)

Some of Valerie B Gobeil’s recent exhibitions and recognitions:
2017 FCA O Canada!, juried exhibition, Vancouver, BC
FCA Ode to Oils, juried exhibition, Vancouver, BC
FCA Artist’s Choice, juried exhibition, Vancouver, BC
Finalist, Emerging Artist Category, March, Art Muse Contest
FCA Active Member Show, juried exhibition, Vancouver, BC
2016 FCA Small, Smaller, Smallest, juried exhibition, Vancouver, BC
FCA CanCon, juried exhibition, Vancouver, BC
FCA From Life, juried exhibition, Vancouver, BC
FAV 15% Bold Brush, December
FCA Limitless Online, juried exhibition