Lyn Boyer – Last One Up – , 24 x 18

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Dimensions 24 x 18 in

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After returning from studying art in Melbourne, Australia, Lyn began a 25 year career as an American illustrator, garnering awards from the Society of lllustrators, the Art Directors Club, the Illustrators Workshops, and the American Institute of Graphic Arts, among others.

Lyn continues a lifelong quest to create ‘images that evoke’ as a plein air and studio oil painter. She makes her home in Durango, Colorado and travels the West capturing its nuances on canvas. When in Durango Lyn accepts a limited number of students for plein air and studio painting workshops. Her paintings hang in private collections across the United States.

Her clien ts have included The Atlantic Monthly, The Chicago Tribune, Discover Magazine , Reader’s Digest, Book of the Month Club, Julliard, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, World Book, World Vision, AT&T , MCI, Kellog, Herman Miller, Mcgraw Hill, Proctor & Gamble, Zondervan, Baker Bookhouse, Abrams Books, Medtronic and Toyota.

Artist Statement

I paint because it’s necessary. It’s part of my DNA The few times I’ve tried to escape it, it’s always chased me down. I feel whole when I paint, directionless when I don’t. I remember every minute of a day spent outside painting. Not much about the others.

My inspiration comes from patterns. They are always the first thing to draw me to a subject. Divisions of space.
Light and dark. The subtle and not so subtle. Whether I’m responding to something from the natural world, the world of man or an interesting intersection of the two I’m compelled by a need to capture what I feel in the moment. I have an overwhelming need to first understand it, second interact with it using brushes and paint, and finally share the results – my ‘cake on the world’ -with you.

My paintings are always about the feeling that compelled me to stop and paint something in the first place. For me a successful painting is the one that is able to elicit that same feeling in the viewer. I consider it the completion of a circle.