Patricia Clayton – Just after Sundown – Monterey – , 10 x 30

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Dimensions 10 x 30 in

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After practicing medicine as a family doctor in Seattle for twenty years, with much of that time spent in community health centers, in 1997 I devoted more and more time to painting.   I began taking classes at Gage Academy of Art as well as many workshops offered elsewhere.   

To me it is all about the glow of the color and nothing glows more than multiple glazes of transparent oil paint.  Beginning intuitively with a multicolored application of thinned oil paint manipulated by my finger in a torn up T-shirt, I use brushstrokes, rag blots and fingernail accents to develop the subject.  And the glow?  Subsequent layers of thin glazes with occasional thick impasto create a final result that is deceptively realistic with radiant transparent colors that glow and change with the light.

In order to add more interest to the two dimensional work of art itself I have recently increased my use of the palette knife.  The color tends to be stronger and cleaner and the texture is a lot of fun.  These paintings are obviously not reproductions!  Sometimes trees and water become even more alive from the side when the texture of the brushstrokes adds to the impression of tangled branches and waves.
EDUCATION:  B.S., M.D.  University of MI  –Medicine
M.A.  Stanford Univ. –Pharmacology

ART EDUCATION:  Gage Academy of Art in Seattle plus many workshops

TEACHING:   2008- present –Intermediate/advanced Oil Painting- Seattle, ongoing class.  Workshops in Plein Air,  Animal Portrait, Temperature of Light

Horizon Fine Art,  Jackson Hole, WY
Howard/Mandville Gallery,  Kirkland, WA