Russell E. Ricks – Farm Workers in a Lavender Field – , 30 x 40

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Dimensions 30 x 40 in

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Russell Ricks has had a unique lifelong relationship with art.  Born in Rexburg, Idaho to artist, Don Ricks and his wife Iris Hunter, Russell was not only surrounded by art, but flung into the firsthand experience of the creative process.
When Russell was born, his father was well in pursuit of his artistic path.  Around 12 years of age, Russell had the opportunity to receive instruction from a great Russian artist by the name of Sergei Bongart, through art workshops which Iris and Don organized. Although this was Russell’s first formal instruction, he had been learning at his father’s knee since he was a toddler. The opportunity to learn from Bongart just built upon and solidified what Russell had already developed.
Over the years he continued to attend his father’s workshops. In high school, his art teacher gave Russell opportunities to paint a mural for the school and participate in extra projects to challenge him.  He also attended the art program at Ricks College and later at BYU-Provo.
Russell is collected throughout the United States. His large murals dot the country, as well. He has held shows in various venues, including Passages and Pathways held at the Springville Museum of Art in 2015.  
Tranquil mountain scenery and depictions of rural architecture are some of Russell’s more prevalent subjects. At the heart of each painting is the invitation to slow down and take respite from the daily cares of a hectic life.