When you’re in a business that revolves wholly around tangible beauty, it’s easy to find yourself inconsistent awe of the talents and magic that a person can create with their own two hands. As gallery staff, we find ourselves surrounded by beauty and joy and the sheer magic that being in the presence of a masterpiece (or being surrounded by multiple masterpieces, as is our daily pleasure) evokes.

But somehow, amid a yearful of majesty, during this time of year, we still manage to find ourselves surprised by the magic of the holidays. The season, the lights, the emotions all add to the gratitude that we already feel and we are once again reminded that this world is full of beauty, and it is our pleasure to partake.

With that, we wish to send our sincerest of thanks to the community that we have come to call home, to our artists, and to our collectors. It has been a year full of transition and progression. Our move to St. George has been wonderful and the wholehearted acceptance from the community has been amazing. We truly feel that Illume has joined its sister galleries and we have found our new home.

We recently had the opportunity to have worked with the wonderful people in OPA, and are thrilled with the outcome. The opportunity to host was tremendous, and the end result exceeded our expectations. The feedback has been more than generous, and we wish to thank both the organizers and talented individuals associated with OPA, as well as the Master Artists for consistently creating a breathtaking experience. We’re also grateful for the patrons, those who choose to surround themselves with beauty, for giving us something to strive for. And most definitely not least, for those who work tirelessly behind the scenes to organize and produce an event with standards of excellence.

We are grateful for the arts, for it lifts spirits all year through. To us, it is the greatest gift of all time, and we are truly, sincerely grateful.