Sketches February 2017

Jane Bell Meyer

Pull out your calendars because there is so much happening in our three galleries and you are not going to want to miss a thing!

EXCITING NEWS:  Oil Painters of America Western Regional Show will be hosted by Illume Gallery of Fine Art, Authentique Gallery and The Mission Gallery in the late Fall of 2017!  We are thrilled for this opportunity to extend our presence in the art world.  Many paintings from the Masters will be hanging.   During this show all of our artists, in all three galleries, will be showing and for sale in an adjacent space.

UPCOMING SHOWS:  The Tenth Annual New Visions Show will be April Thursday 13th and Friday 14th in St. George.     Many of our artists will be in attendance for this two day show.  This is a can’t miss, riotous reunion!   The Third Annual Where in the World is Plein Air 2017 Show will be live online, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, June 7th, 8th, and 9th.   The actual paintings will be shown in Illume Gallery of Fine Art beginning the first of July.

WORKSHOPS:  Ron Rencher “Plein and Simple” at  The Mission Gallery in St. George, Utah on Monday through Wednesday- April 10th, 11th and 12th.  Sign up HERE.

Edgar Payne tells us in his book THE COMPOSITION OF OUTDOOR PAINTING that nature is the best teacher and that she needs to be consulted often.  When we go outdoors to engage nature directly, we do so with the greatest of intentions, tempered by ideas and inspiration.  In order to carry out those intentions we must be armed with a great deal of knowledge.  This knowledge is in the form of technical skills (the ability to apply paint proficiently to canvas), and in our understanding and use of the Principals as they are applied to the Elements.  However, we can only fully appreciate the foregoing if we compose the superstructure of the painting and design the value scheme upon that foundation, with the greatest simplicity.

This class will bring together the inspiration of nature and her elements with the fundamentals of pictorial design.  These fundamentals are the breaking up the picture space into several shapes, these shapes having certain values (of your choosing) that comprise a value design scheme.  This is the solid beginning of a painting which makes the whole process more enjoyable and successful, the intentions having been fulfilled.

In conclusion, while all this may sound a bit technical, it really isn’t!  In fact, by following a certain procedure, your painting experience will not only be more enjoyable, but your success rate will go up.  Be prepared for hard work and inspiration!


With deep sadness we say goodbye to an exquisite member of our team, James C. Christensen, who passed away this month.   What a joy and a light he is to us, the art community, and the world in general. We love you James!  Your magical life and art will continue your legacy.

Our artists are always refreshing our galleries with new, exciting artwork. Look at what is new this month!