Sketches August 2015

Hello There!
Jane Here!
This past month has been full of fun and opportunities!
The Where in the World is Plein Air Display hanging in Illume Gallery of Fine Art has received rave reviews. It is so popular that we will continue to show these 100's of incredible miniatures into September!
The Colley Whisson Workshop is coming up the 26-28 at Illume Gallery of Fine Art. One spot has opened up for any of you interested in working with a Master Teacher!
We appreciate all of our Artists and Patrons!
Enjoy your month!

Jane Bell Meyer

By reputation, Authentique Gallery is known to be constantly searching for valuable artistic voices to give our gallery range and depth.  There is an old saying, “Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver, the other gold.”  Our Artists are our Silver and Gold and we at Authentique Gallery are excited to introduce three innovative top-industry artists to our “Golden” lineup.  Each is celebrated and esteemed in their field with numerous accolades, awards and article credits to their names.
J. Ken Spencer
J. Ken Spencer’s American Landscapes and European Cityscapes have become exciting additions to the art world.  Recognized as an avid Plein Air painter, Spencer delights that his time in nature allows him to make organic decisions on the direction of his work.  His larger works are created in his Studio. His art has been inspired by his world travels, which bring diversity to his work.  As an individual Spencer believes in artists’ personal vision and is a naturally optimistic person.  His work has been juried and shown in galleries and museums across the country.Spencer makes his home in Blackfoot, Idaho with his family.  Welcome J. Ken Spencer: a traditionalist, a creator, a lover of compostition and good design.
Richard Boyer
Known as a Plein Air painter Richard Boyer believes in taking time to view a scene, to observe and capture the nuances.  He believes that this is a gift that most people don’t get.  Boyer has lived and studied all over the world, gathering experiences as artistic fodder.  His time living the bohemian lifestyle with German artists helped him to “paint the harsh reality of a city trapped behind the iron curtain.” Boyer is constantly searching for new locations and interesting subject matter to which he can lend his vision through his work.To this end Boyer splits his time between Salt Lake City, Utah and Sweden- the native home of his wife, Karin.
Doug Braithwaite
Doug Braithwaite is an artist whose extensive work includes Painting, Drawing, Figure and Monoprints.  Braithwaite compares his artistic experience to the composition of music; insisting that rhythm, tempo, tone and pitch are parallel to geometry, color and value.  Creating his work is also a sensory experience for him.  Cerebral by nature, Braithwaite is a thinker and feeler whose depth of mind lends value to his work.  It is his hope that his way of thinking and creation will lead to the emotion and the stirring of memory for his collectors.  Art is not just Braithwaite’s vocation; he goes so far as to call it his Religion.Braithwaite is an artist who makes his home in Utah amongst the majesty of the Rocky Mountains.
Again, we welcome our three new artists.  We invite you to come visit us at Authentique Gallery soon to see and enjoy their great work.  It’s always exciting to meet someone new through their artwork.  We look forward to introducing you.
Our Happenings

*The Display of all of the ‘Where in the World is Plein Air‘ pieces has been expanded to the middle of September due to the popularity of the event.  Dont miss the chance to see all 300 pieces hanging in Illume Gallery of Fine Art!
*Jane and her staff keep their pulse on the art market by attending events around the country, and most recently, the Coeur d’ Alene Art Auction in Reno, which realized $22.1 million in sales.
Gasps from the crowd could be heard when the hammer price fell on CHARLES M. RUSSELL’s Mountain Sheep bronze at just 4.5 inches high, selling for $351,000 (estimated to sell for $20,000 – $30,000).  Yes, that’s an extra zero.
Other records were broken throughout the day.
Kristie enjoyed viewing the original master works (90% deceased), reconnecting with collector friends from around the nation, including several from Jackson Hole, her home town.  Her take away?  “High quality representational fine art is timeless and to many, priceless.”  
*Jane Bell Meyer appreciated the invitation to judge the Driggs Digs Plein-Air Art Show last week in Teton Valley.  Not only was it invigorating to be in the midst of so much good art and and enthusiastic artists, but her co-judge was Dave Santillanes!  We represent Dave and his amazing work in the Ilume Gallery of Fine Art. He and his family were there all week as he ran 2  successful workshops.
Jane also throughly enjoyed the surrounding Valley where she spent many summers on the Family Ranch in Alta Wyoming.
The picture shows Jane and Dave giving the “BEST of SHOW” award to Doug Braithwaite.  Congratulations Doug!*The Gallery Stroll on August 21st  at Illume Gallery of Fine Arts, Located at the City Creek Center will feature Rose Datoc Dall and Cristall Harper.  Dont miss this chance to watch both artists create their pieces live!*The Colley Whisson Workshop is coming up the 26-28 at Illume Gallery of Fine Art. One spot has opened up for any of you interested in working with a Master Teacher!

Our artists are always refreshing our galleries with new, exciting artwork. Look at what is new this month!