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What’s Your New Vision?

What’s Your New Vision?

There’s something symbolic about the change of the seasons. While traditionally, January provides us with motivation to make shifts and changes, there’s nothing quite so internally motivating as the impending arrival of spring.

It’s no surprise, then, that with the fresh arrival and awakening that comes with the season, we’re on the cusp of our 11th annual New Visions show. This is an opportunity for renewing, rebuilding, revisiting, and establishing.

At the end of March, St. George will become the hosting ground to nationally-renowned artists and collectors, arriving from all over the nation, in all modes of transportation, with one singular passion: art.

This is a time for artists to renew their fond, encouraging, celebratory relationships with one another; it’s a time for collectors to connect with their favorite artists and fall in love with new, unique pieces of art – and the artists that create them.

This opportunity is singular in its vision – build relationships and expand the art, both for patrons and for artists. Collectors will have an opportunity to experience the creative process as our talented family of artists create a new piece, and take that experience (and artwork) home with them – ever to remember the beauty behind the piece displayed.

Artists will answer questions and converse with their patrons in a paneled forum – this is an opportunity to understand the emotion and the passion behind the projects.

Our vision is to expand the arts, encourage new emotions, educate, and fulfill. That’s the purpose behind our 11th Annual New Visions show.

What’s your New Vision?

Join Our Adventure

In the art world, there’s always something new and breathtaking to look forward to. In the wake of our beautifully successful OPA Western Regional Exhibition, we’ve fixed our eyes on our next big adventure. Because with what we do, every new piece, every new artist, and every new collector is part of an adventure.


In a few short weeks, we’ll be hosting the event that our whole community – artists and patrons alike – look forward to all year long. The 11th Annual New Visions Art Show will be held on March 29th and 30th at historic Ancestors Square in St. George.

This event brings artists and collectors from all over the world, and they look forward with genuine anticipation to the opportunity to connect – not only with their fans and patrons but also with each other. Our sister galleries are more than just a collaboration of enormously talented artists from all walks of life and all styles of art. It’s a family. And this event is our family reunion. Our artists find no competition amongst themselves – in contrast when one of our pieces of art finds a new home, among the first to issue sincere congratulations, is another of our artists. They truly celebrate one another’s talents and be grateful for their contributions to the world.

The artists converge for 2 days, outside our family of galleries at Ancestor Square. On the first day, you can find your favorite artist outside painting, talking shop, and meeting their favorite patrons. In the evening, we’ll host conversations with our artists. Patrons will have the opportunity to ask questions of their artists in a group setting and discover all you’ve wanted to know about their work.

On day two, you’ll find the artists doing what they do best – painting in the morning. In the afternoon, we’ll host our silent auction, where collectors who’ve come to meet their favorite artists can pick up a piece that they’ve watched them paint. It’s an enormously popular and emotional experience – after all, as Jerzy Kosinski said, ‘The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke.’ This is the opportunity to own a piece of artwork that stirred an emotion inside you – something you experienced along with the artist as they painted.


We invite you to join us for our extended family reunion this year, the 11th Annual New Visions Art Show, and promise you an experience unlike any you’ve ever had before.

Our sincerest thanks!

When you’re in a business that revolves wholly around tangible beauty, it’s easy to find yourself inconsistent awe of the talents and magic that a person can create with their own two hands. As gallery staff, we find ourselves surrounded by beauty and joy and the sheer magic that being in the presence of a masterpiece (or being surrounded by multiple masterpieces, as is our daily pleasure) evokes.

But somehow, amid a yearful of majesty, during this time of year, we still manage to find ourselves surprised by the magic of the holidays. The season, the lights, the emotions all add to the gratitude that we already feel and we are once again reminded that this world is full of beauty, and it is our pleasure to partake.

With that, we wish to send our sincerest of thanks to the community that we have come to call home, to our artists, and to our collectors. It has been a year full of transition and progression. Our move to St. George has been wonderful and the wholehearted acceptance from the community has been amazing. We truly feel that Illume has joined its sister galleries and we have found our new home.

We recently had the opportunity to have worked with the wonderful people in OPA, and are thrilled with the outcome. The opportunity to host was tremendous, and the end result exceeded our expectations. The feedback has been more than generous, and we wish to thank both the organizers and talented individuals associated with OPA, as well as the Master Artists for consistently creating a breathtaking experience. We’re also grateful for the patrons, those who choose to surround themselves with beauty, for giving us something to strive for. And most definitely not least, for those who work tirelessly behind the scenes to organize and produce an event with standards of excellence.

We are grateful for the arts, for it lifts spirits all year through. To us, it is the greatest gift of all time, and we are truly, sincerely grateful.

Welcome To OPA 2017

Welcome To OPA 2017

When OPA was founded in 1991 it was with the mission inherent to promote artistic excellence – in education, in representation, in exhibition. Illume Gallery of Fine Art could not be more honored to uphold this tradition as hosts of the Oil Painters of America’s 2017 Western Regional Exhibition.

Illume Gallery maintains a standard of artistic distinction, and, as such, will promote this particular theme with this year’s OPA exhibition. Artists from across the Western United State have significant time, energy and talent in their pursuit of aligning themselves with this distinguished exhibit, with the understanding that being accepted to present can ultimately change the trajectory of their career. Those who competed for this showing will be showcased alongside OPA’s Masters, culminating in nothing less than a breathtaking experience for artists and patrons alike.

Those who take the opportunity to experience this showcase will be able to witness some of the most Masterful Oil Painters of our time – many of which can be viewed here – and many others whose talents are just starting to be recognized. You’ll see those who have earned the title of Master, as well as those chosen through a vigorous and respected jurying committee, including many of the acclaimed Masters themselves, as artists who have experience and talent worthy of representing the Oil Painters of America Association.

We invite you to experience this transcendent showcase as our guest, and experience all that OPA (and it’s Master Artists) have to offer.  



Katie Willson

Director of Brand Journalism

Illume Gallery is an old soul rising in the art world

Illume Gallery is an old soul rising in the art world

The youngest passion of seasoned gallery owner Jane Bell Meyer, Illume positioned itself in its infancy as a gathering place for both the exceptionally gifted, and those who find life and breathe in the presence of creation.


Illume quickly became Utah’s Premier Fine Art Gallery, specializing in museum-quality works of art from nationally known and celebrated painters and sculptors. Illume, a national gallery, also inherently provided the atmosphere that breathed inspiration and illumination into not only its patrons but also to the thriving City Creek Center in downtown Salt Lake City.  Inherent because of the nature of the business – yet intentional, because, as Rembrandt reminds us, ‘without atmosphere, a painting is nothing.’  At Illume, we are firm in our belief that our job is to merely provide the atmosphere for the art to speak for itself.

There is an exhibit held each year that has been wildly applauded as being nothing short of artistic and atmospheric brilliance. Where in the World is an art show that showcases artists mastering their craft through the inspiration of the world around them. It’s marketing majesty – and it draws artists and collectors alike for one simple reason. Their craft is elevated by atmosphere. It’s something like coming home.

And, as all living things do – a time of transition. In its infancy, Illume claimed it’s space in the art world, forged relationships with artists that launched careers, developed reputations and enhanced the lives and homes of the loyal patrons we’ve been honored to partner with.

Much like the exhibit it supports, Illume Gallery is undergoing just such a transition. It’s coming home – opening next door (and just around the corner) from its sister gallery, Authentique and just steps from The Mission Gallery.  

Jane Bell Meyer has built a family of artists, a family of national galleries, and a family of patrons located on the historic Ancestor Square in St. George, Utah. The celebrated atmosphere of Ancestor Square enhances the work of the artists, and in turn, the galleries breathe new, multidimensional life into Ancestor Square. It’s a perfect pairing of existing atmosphere and new creation.

With the addition of Illume Gallery’s traditional and figurative style, added to the fresh plein air styles of The Mission and the contemporary stylings of Authentique, Ancestor Square is able to cater to the various cravings of all art lovers.  

Illume has found it’s new home. Come join us as we live inspired.



Katie Willson

Director of Brand Journalism