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Keith Bond

Provo River Autumn

Oil on linen
30 x 36 inches


Inventory#: KBI-010

Artist Statement

“Light gives life.

And, within all things there is an underlying spiritual component.

Those two truths are the foundation of my art. I strive to capture the true essence of the place by seeing and feeling the divine in nature. By painting frequently on location, my relationship with nature is strengthened and I gain deeper insights. These field studies painted en plein air are about responding to the moment and capturing the natural harmonies of light and color.  From these studies, I develop larger studio works which go beyond the spontaneity of the plein air pieces to elaborate on those deeper connections.  Rather than painting a literal depiction, the paintings are emotional responses.  Of greatest concern is capturing the spirit of the landscape.

To create a painting that feels like nature is different than a mere depiction of every detail. What I leave out of the painting is just as important – if not more so – than what I put in. It is like good jazz music or a good poem. I don’t try to tell you everything I know in each painting. I don’t care to paint every superfluous detail, every blade of grass, or every leaf on a tree. Through the expressive qualities of paint, I suggest rather than explain; leaving room for you, the viewer, to delight in discovery and to respond in a very personal manner.