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Kate Starling

Rabbit Brush

30x40 inches


Inventory#: KSI-010

Artist Statement

Through oil painting I have found a way to communicate the feelings of joy I find in the beauty I see around me every day. Since childhood I have chosen to spend a large part of my free time outdoors and followed careers that required me to work outside. Whether I was hiking for fun or working as a geologist or a park ranger, I have always felt a need to express the visual world – and for me, I cannot express it adequately with words.

For more than twenty years I have painted the landscape on site. Several times a week I pack my gear into my truck and head out. Living in Rockville, I rarely need to go far to find inspiration in the way the light plays across a pasture or hits the facets of a cliff face. Whether I am alone on a dirt road in the desert or on the shoulder of a busy highway, time and the chaos of everyday life fade as I begin the process of making a painting. Each on-site painting is a depiction of the relationship of color and light and a
record of the experience. It is outside that I find my ideas.

In recent years I have translated what I have learned in the field into large studio works. On occasion, a field study leads to a series of paintings based on one idea. By playing with scale, composition and emphasis I have begun to clearly express my emotion and experience from the world around me. It is my hope that by communicating the joy I feel in the visual world it may influence those who see my paintings to be mindful of the world they see around them.