The youngest passion of seasoned gallery owner Jane Bell Meyer, Illume positioned itself in its infancy as a gathering place for both the exceptionally gifted, and those who find life and breathe in the presence of creation.


Illume quickly became Utah’s Premier Fine Art Gallery, specializing in museum-quality works of art from nationally known and celebrated painters and sculptors. Illume, a national gallery, also inherently provided the atmosphere that breathed inspiration and illumination into not only its patrons but also to the thriving City Creek Center in downtown Salt Lake City.  Inherent because of the nature of the business – yet intentional, because, as Rembrandt reminds us, ‘without atmosphere, a painting is nothing.’  At Illume, we are firm in our belief that our job is to merely provide the atmosphere for the art to speak for itself.

There is an exhibit held each year that has been wildly applauded as being nothing short of artistic and atmospheric brilliance. Where in the World is an art show that showcases artists mastering their craft through the inspiration of the world around them. It’s marketing majesty – and it draws artists and collectors alike for one simple reason. Their craft is elevated by atmosphere. It’s something like coming home.

And, as all living things do – a time of transition. In its infancy, Illume claimed it’s space in the art world, forged relationships with artists that launched careers, developed reputations and enhanced the lives and homes of the loyal patrons we’ve been honored to partner with.

Much like the exhibit it supports, Illume Gallery is undergoing just such a transition. It’s coming home – opening next door (and just around the corner) from its sister gallery, Authentique and just steps from The Mission Gallery.  

Jane Bell Meyer has built a family of artists, a family of national galleries, and a family of patrons located on the historic Ancestor Square in St. George, Utah. The celebrated atmosphere of Ancestor Square enhances the work of the artists, and in turn, the galleries breathe new, multidimensional life into Ancestor Square. It’s a perfect pairing of existing atmosphere and new creation.

With the addition of Illume Gallery’s traditional and figurative style, added to the fresh plein air styles of The Mission and the contemporary stylings of Authentique, Ancestor Square is able to cater to the various cravings of all art lovers.  

Illume has found it’s new home. Come join us as we live inspired.



Katie Willson

Director of Brand Journalism