Susan Temple Neumann

Susan Temple Neumann

Why do I paint? The short answer is “Painting is my Passion!!” I have a burning desire to capture on canvas images that grab my attention, whether they be figurative, landscapes or a combination of both. I find western art to be the perfect mix for me – merging my love of the western landscape with my joy of painting the figure. 

My life-long fascination with native Americans, cowboys, horses, wildlife and the southwest, fuel my passion for creating western art. I feel God has given me this passion and I rejoice in it daily! My so called “head trips” in the studio provide great happiness as I dream of individuals from the past and imagine what trials, tribulations and hopefully moments of joy they might have encountered in their daily life. What an inspiration!
I will admit to having mental conversations with the subjects in my paintings as they emerge from the canvas, start to take form and eventually tell me how they want to be portrayed. It is this connection with my subjects that I hope comes across to the viewer. Maybe the message is different for each person, but if I’ve done my job effectively then an emotion of mood is evident in the piece.
Always striving to take my art to the next level has led me down many paths, from studying the great masters of the past to learning from the modern day masters of today. I find inspiration in traveling, visiting museums and seeking out subjects that I feel led to paint. My goal is to continue painting those western subjects that both intrigue and inspire me and hopefully the viewer as well.