Julie Rogers

Julie Rogers

“Art has always been a constant companion in my life. Whether it was through my first impressions of painting the minute and life like qualities in animals or simply the bright myriad of colors in the landscape of our ranch in Goshen, Utah. As early as kindergarten my teachers noticed that art was the subject that would prevail over all other others in my life. I have always drawn and painted my life’s experiences since I was little. My work on the ranch was never complete and in that same aspect my obsession for art will never end. Art is a constant learning process.

What has started out to be simply an obsession has turned into a passion. A passion to create what I see and feel in front of me, to create the inner strength that presents itself within every subject I choose to paint. That emotion and “life” is and always will be one of my main challenges to capture in a painting. The living part of the subject gives the painting its spiritual essence. It is a desire of mine to capture that spiritual essence. I am always in search of an opportunity to paint with a higher goal. As I go through the trials of life I discover and gain principles of truth, a true value that will be found shining through almost all of the experiences in our lives. I then try to incorporate those self same truths and values I have learned in my life’s work, so that they in turn can help someone else learn and be touched by those principles.

Figurative work is always a wonderful challenge. I love working with the model. This opportunity helps me see the true structure, values and color that are in all our surroundings and the people we associate ourselves with, if we choose to look for them.

As I start a work, I ask the questions, “what value or principle of character makes him or her unique and powerful? What do I see that is divine inside them?” I like to capture an accurate feeling for the model, by focusing on the spirit I see in that person. For me it does not matter whether the subject I choose is currently alive or passed on. What matters is that each of them has a gift to share because of their uniqueness. I simply wish to help in that effort. As I turn towards the spiritual I find I have greater insights in my hope to paint art that will lift to the divine.”

Growing up on a ranch, Julie Rogers learned the value of hard work. These experiences also gave her a love of the rustic simple things in life. Her relationship with creativity began each morning and continued as she walked through the day interpreting light, nature & human emotion. Developing her artistic talent. Julie found her spirit resonating with the recreation of the human figure.

Julie has the rare gift of capturing the divine nature of her subject as she paints their spirit striving to excel. She sees the ennobling power in the ordinary toil of life and thus her paintings radiate the beauty of the human soul.

Awards and Publications

Julie has been in various publications, magazines and books, including the Ensign, New Era and The Friend

2013 – Co-Published “Follow Me to Zion” Featuring original Paintings. Published by Deseret Book Volume 1
2013 – Robert N. and Peggy Sears Dixie Invitational: 1st and 3rd
2013 – On the Inspirational Art Association Board
2012 – Washington D.C. Visitor Center: “Yesterday Today and Forever” One Woman Show
2012 – American Women Artists Association Board Member
2012 – International Church Show: Purchase Award
2012 – Artist of the Year Award. Kanab City
2011 – Published book with the Joseph Smith Society called “Emma Hale Smith, an Elect Lady”
2011 – 26th Annual Spiritual and Religious Art of Utah Exhibition – Springville Museum: Award of Merit
2010 – Gunnison City Mural Projects (2 large Murals); one mural for City Hall and another mural,
A service project where over 100 people took part in this project for the city.
2009 – Won the Santa Clara City mural project, mural is 7’x 27’
2009 – Spring Salon Springville Art Museum: Award of Merit
2008 – 25th Annual Spiritual and Religious Art of Utah Exhibition – Springville Museum: 2nd place
2006 – American Women Artists National Competition: Best of Show and People’s Choice Award
2006 – Robert N. and Peggy Sears Dixie Invitational: 1st Place
2006 – Museum Of Church History 7th International Art Competition
2006 – Minerva Teichert Invitational: First Place
2005 – Spring Salon Springville Art Museum: Award of Merit
2005 – Robert N. and Peggy Sears Dixie Invitational: 1st Place
2004 – National Cowboy Poetry Yearlong Featured Artist
2004 – Robert N. and Peggy Sears Dixie invitational: Best of Show and Purchasers Award
2004 – 50th National Cedar City Invitational: Award of Merit
2004 – ASCA International Art Show: 1st and 2nd Place