Mastering Atmosphere and Light

With Ron Rencher

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Ron Rencher

Ron Rencher

“Nature and the living elements of nature have always been my source of inspiration as an artist. My preference for the subject matter is the landscape, to which I go for inspiration and knowledge, and which I find to be more challenging than figurative or still life subjects.

I desire for my art to convey the beauty of nature to the viewer, to raise that viewer’s awareness and appreciation of the natural world, and the spiritual connection that we all have to the world we inhabit. As a result, I hope to bring realization to the viewers of their own inner beauty, and the fragility of the earth, and how intertwined our relationship with nature really is.”

Ron was born in 1952 in St. George, Utah. The summers of his youth were spent on the family ranch, The Broken Arrow near Pine Valley, Utah. His first artistic stirrings came early in life when, at the age of twelve, his mother gave him the paint box used by his deceased father.

Ron’s interest in art continued through his formal education when he earned a B.A. in Fine Art from Southern Utah University in 1975. In 1987 he moved from Utah to Taos, New Mexico where he experienced the personal and artistic growth that helped to form his philosophical and stylistic foundations.

A boost to Ron’s career came in 1997 with an invitation from The Plein Air Painters of America to be a guest artist at the organization’s annual show and sale in Catalina Island. The next year, 1998, Ron was voted by the membership of The Plein Air Painters of America to become a signature member of that organization, an honor bestowed on few due to the limited number of signature members allowed.

The artist’s accomplishments include: A featured segment in the PBS series PLEIN AIR: Painting the American Landscape, which began airing in the Fall of 2007; inclusion in the books: ENCHANTED ISLE, A History of Plein Air Painting in Catalina Island, PAINTERS OF UTAH’S CANYONS AND DESERTS, and ART OF THE NATIONAL PARKS due for publication in mid-2013; Invited to participate in the exhibition, Zion: A Century Of Sanctuary, and the accompanying catalog; annual participation in the prestigious invitational show, Maynard Dixon Country; featured articles in Art of the West, American Artist, and the Artist’s Magazine; and numerous awards and honors.

Ron, and his wife Carlene Reeves, who is also an artist, maintain a home and studios in Canyon Lake, Texas.


Believe it or not, when we are painting any subject, we are painting air! 
More specifically, we are painting the effects of atmosphere on the landscape. These effects influence values and colors, and color temperature. If an artist aspires to become a proficient landscape painter, the best way to learn to paint these subtleties is by going out on location. One will never master the beauty of nature by working from photo images. Nature will reveal her secrets only when she is 
engaged in direct communion with the artist in a personal dialogue
which is unique to everyone.
This class will focus on developing a sensitive eye to these subtleties. I 
will also guide the student in designing a good value structure and composing shapes for a strong visual statement that captures the eye of the viewer. Eye movement, focal point, selection of subject and editing, and brushwork will be discussed and demonstrated. Students can expect demonstrations, group and individual critiques, and a great deal of personal attention. Be prepared for hard work and inspiration! 

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