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Flash Forward to Expressive Brushstrokes

With Randall Sexton

Rescheduled for July 9th, 10th, & 11th

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Randall Sexton

Randall Sexton

My concerns as an artist have always been rather straightforward. The discipline of direct painting, both in the Plein air experience and in the studio, has helped me to develop loose handling of paint that speaks as much about the paint itself as it does any given subject matter. I try to combine traditional methods of painting with a “sense of myself living in the present”.   My paintings are a direct response from the world around me as I strive to be “in the moment” while I work.. Nature has proven to be the most demanding and inspiring teacher…so I work from life, as often as possible and try to remain open to new ideas and new approaches.

The painting process is an exploration and an adventure. Each work is a simple sentence in an ongoing story that will take a lifetime to unfold. The tale is a compilation of images that reflect the magic of life itself: the mysteries of vision, light, and color. Painting has enabled me to be more appreciative of the beauty and richness in everyday life.

Paint the glorious landscape and surrounds near Zion National Park on location!

This highly successful format combines plein air painting with studio critiques intended to address the specific issues and goals of each artist. The group is open to all levels, but especially designed for the experienced artist to “Move Forward”, strengthening their skills and understanding of painting while working en plein air and loosening up their brushwork.

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Workshop Supply List


Just so you know what use the colors below are listed. But you can use what you are more comfortable with…other mediums are ok too!

Basic Plein Air Set-up:

Compact as possible-French easel…or comparable.

Solvent container

Palette Knife

Rags or Paper towels

Medium: Graham’s Walnut Alkyd Medium  ( a non-toxic fast-drying medium  – recommended for the studio work…otherwise whatever you are used to the outside is fine)small sketch pad and sketch pen or pencil


I’ve listed the colors below that I use on my palette, however

It’s not mandatory that you use these. (feel free to use what is familiar).

  Ivory Black

  Ultramarine Blue

  Viridian Hue (Holbein Brand)

  Transparent Red Oxide. (Rembrandt)…(or Burnt Sienna)

  Quinacridone Red …………………… (or Alizarin Crimson)

  Cad Red Light…………………………(or  Cadmium Scarlet)

  Golden Ochre …………………………(or yellow ochre pale)

  Cadmium Yellow Light………………  (or Cadmium Lemon)

  Titanium White **as of 2017 I’ve been experimenting with Classic Oils replacing all the above colors (except white…still using Utrecht and/or Winsor Newton Titanium White.


( A well-maintained assortment that contains some of the following:),

HOG BRISTLE:: Filberts, Flats, and Rounds- #4,#6,#8…..with one larger flat

SOFT SYNTHETIC OR NATURAL HAIR Brights, 1/8”, 1/4”,  Flat; #1

Panels or Canvas:

We will be painting and 1-2 paintings/day (based on your own pace). So, bring a variety of panels (or canvasses) ranging from 8 x 10 to 14 x 18…(whatever your comfort zone is)…. (ie…personally,  I have to force myself to work 9x 12 s or smaller, but frequently feel that they are the most successful sizes for many folks

More often, I use 12 x 16 on location.

For the purpose of the workshop feel free to use cheaper panels. (I will discuss panels and supplies during the workshop