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All About Color

With Michele Usibelli

Rescheduled for November 11th, 12th, & 13th 2020

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Michelle Usibelli

Michelle Usibelli

During my work in architecture, I felt deeply connected to the arts. But I truly discovered my passion when I began to explore oil painting. For me, the process of creating begins with a scene that I feel carries certain energy and evokes an emotion. I find myself drawn to subject matter with rich colors or intriguing light. The vignettes of everyday life are what inspire me to paint, regardless of whether it’s a landscape, figurative work, cityscape, or portrait. It is my primary goal to have each artwork I create resonate with energy and the poetry of light. I follow my own ‘rule’ of painting what is important to me and feel very fortunate to be able to share that with all those who support and appreciate my work. There is nothing more gratifying that knowing that my work, which is so important to me, is appreciated by others.


Michele’s artwork is well known for its vibrant, captivating brushwork and passionate color. Her unique style and approach to painting is highly recognizable and her ability to capture a diverse subject matter in oil, acrylic and gouache has made her a much sought after instructor. She has become so popular that many of her workshop have attendees chosen by draw. Michele’s background and career in architecture and her extensive background in drawing, enables her to explain, and show through her demonstrations, the complete painting process from initial conception, to design to paint application. Her students leave her workshops with a solid understanding of composition, design, color theory, the importance of value & temperature shifts and the significance hard and soft edges play in creating a successful painting. Another important element Michele brings to her workshops is the ability to use one’s plein air experience to enhance an artist’s studio work, focusing on the lessons learned from painting from life and how these lessons translate to the studio. Michele’s work has been showcased in the following publications: SW Art, American Art Collector, Western Art Collector, Fine Art Connoisseur, Plein Air Magazine, Western Art & Architecture, International Artist Magazine and others.


Bringing Paintings to Life!

A fun filled 3 day plein air workshop. The class will start with an abbreviated lecture on the fundamentals of sound painting, including a discussion of drawing, value, design and color. Michele will also do a short demo each morning and then we will spend the day painting.

Michele’s award winning artwork has shown in both group and gallery exhibitions, in regional, national and international juried exhibitions and has won numerous awards. Her artwork is found in Museum collections and public & private collections throughout the world. Michele is a member of the following organizations: Oil Painters of America/Signature Member, American Impressionist Society/Signature Member, California Art Club/Artist Member, Laguna Plein Air Painters Association/Signature Member, Salmagundi Club/Artist Member. Michele is known for her highly personalized and positive approach to teaching.

Her workshops are popular throughout the United States and abroad. Michele’s workshops don’t end with the last day of class, she makes herself available to all of her students for critiques and feedback on an ongoing basis long after the workshop is over.


See more of Michele’s work at HERE

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Michele Usibelli Studio

Workshop Supply List


  1. Portable Easel
  2. Plastic Bag for Garbage
  3. Gamsol Ordorless Thinner (or Daniel Smith’s DS Sol)
  4. Various Brushes; Flats & Brights, Synthetic Bristle
  5. Various Boards or Canvas; Size(s) 8×10, 9×12 or 11×14
  6. Barrier Cream for Hands (for pastels or oils)
  7. Painting Medium; If Desired
  8. Roll of Good Paper Towels or Shop Towels
  9. Paints: Mixed White (a combination of titanium and zinc)*

Blue-Phtalo Turquoise

French Ultramarine Blue

Dioxanine Purple


Chromium Oxide Green

Olive Green

Burnt Umber

Yellow Grey**

Buff Titanium**

Golden Ochre (I like this better than yellow ochre)

Cad Red

Thalo Red Rose/Quin Rose

Cad Yellow Deep

Naples Yellow

Transparent Orange

Cad Yellow Light

Violet Grey

*If you can’t find mixed white, zinc or titanium white will be OK.

**These are two colors I use the most but they are hard to find. Yellow grey is a Holbein color and buff titanium is by Daniel Smith

Please note that I have not listed ALL of the colors I use. This is still a very large amount of paints and don’t worry of you can’t get all of them.


Please let me know if you prefer to sit while painting so I can make the necessary arrangements.