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Brian Blood

Summer Light, Point Lobos

24 x 30 inches


Inventory#: BBI-002

Artist Statement

“My simple mission as an artist is to share the everyday beauty of the world as I see it.

I try to capture a moment in time for the viewer to enjoy. My works convey the importance of light and shadow and a sense of strong design to help captivate the viewer and engage them in a discussion towards the preservation of such places. The paintings I create are similar to that of pages in a diary-  my vision, my thoughts, my travels.

People often overlook the obvious beauty around them. They’re busy with events, family and/or work related matters, but hopefully my paintings allow them to pause and remember a special moment that helps them each day. For me artwork, – either my own or -others gives me a glimps of the past; a view of somewhere I’ve never seen or a look into the mind of another.

As the years go on and I’m continuously creating new artworks my artistic journey evolves. I can’t say where it’ll take me next, to some far off land or back to a favorite painting spot in Pt Lobos close to where I live. Each day offers new challenges and opportunities for me and I welcome and embrace them as they come my way.”