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Ben Hammond

An Angel in Repose

17.5'' x 10'' x 7''


Inventory#: BHI-005

Artist Statement

“I love to create art. I love expressing my perception of life through the human figure. However, I feel that my love of creating art is not enough. Great art needs to be composed, designed, and show a deep understanding of the subject that is being represented. All the art I admire from the old masters to the present have these characteristics in common. My goal is to study these characteristics and apply them to my own work.

In order to accomplish this goal, I continuously study anatomy and gesture, portraiture, composition and design, and most importantly I sculpt from life. I also feel it is important to study and learn from the masters of the past and present. I have a great appreciation for traditionalism, classicism, and realism in art as well as great admiration for artists such as Michelangelo, Canova, Rodin, Daniel Chester French, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Loredo Taft, Manzu, Zuniga, Mucha, and many others.

Each of my sculptures is composed to keep the viewer engaged in the piece through the elements and principles of design; every gesture, each fold of drapery, the pose of the figure, etc. are arranged in a manner that the viewer’s eye is led and kept engaged within the piece of sculpture.”