M. Richard Goodwin

M. Richard Goodwin

Born in Chicago, Ill. I was exposed to, architecture, The Art Institute of Chicago, and a great deal of culture. My grandmother was an artist and my parents encouraged me, very early on, to draw and paint.  My senior yr. in high school I received the outstanding artist award and a scholarship. After high school, I moved to New Orleans for a short time to paint on Jackson square. After that, I enrolled at Northern Illinois University as an art major. I moved west to Utah and worked as a designer and then an art director, while at the same time painting for two galleries in Chicago for 25 yrs.
My work took me all over the west, and I grew to love the rugged beauty and wide vistas that were so different from the midwest. The two influences of the city and western landscapes have always been the subjects of my artwork. Many times I have combined the two to create paintings that are juxtaposed and harmonious at the same time.
No matter the subject, light is the elemental aspect that unifies and gives beauty and life to a painting. I try to organize and build layers of paint that radiate with a chromatic glow. Watercolor, for this reason, is my first choice of mediums, having a stained-glass quality when combined with limpid washes and beautiful paper.
When immersed in a painting I have but one desire, and that is to create something that consumes my entire focus and every ability I have developed. This is my quest, my desire, my passion.