Canyon Winds



Inventory#: SRI-018

Base Ball



Inventory#: SRI-017

Crow Shaman



Inventory#: SRI-015-CR15

The Pony Express



Inventory#: SRI-014-CR15

Range War



Inventory#: SRI-013

The Jury Is Out



Inventory#: SRI-012-CR15

A Wolf Hunts with the Teeth He's Got


21" x 19" x 11"


Inventory#: SRI-011

The Mountain Man"Du Lointain"


17" x 10 1/2" x 8"


Inventory#: SRI-010

When The Law Had Rough Edges


23" x 14" x 16"


Inventory#: SRI-009

Corn and Garlic


3 1/2" x 12" x 6"


Inventory#: SRI-008

Bison - Bronze


3" x 5" x 2"


Inventory#: SRI-007

Wells Fargo Strong Box


3" x 2" x 1 1/2"


Inventory#: SRI-005

The Bell Mare


10" high x 10" wide x 5" deep


Inventory#: SRI-001

We Chase the Wind and Shoot at Shadows


21" High x 16


Inventory#: SRI-002

The Portage


41" High x 29" Wide x 22" Deep - Edition of #30


Inventory#: SRI-003

The Last Supper

Bronze Sculpture

16 ½ x 37 ¼ x 21 ½


Inventory#: SRI-004

Scott Rogers

“Would it surprise you to read…’When I’m out of my mind I create works of art that astound myself?’ It is most pleasing and humbling to be the first to witness the birth of a new piece. For me, this is the magic of art and I find it difficult to take credit for it. When I tap into my heart, and create, I find there is always freshness – a newness to my work that never gets old. It is ‘these pieces’ that stand out from the rest and move people. That said….to do so sometimes seems a risk, because, my ‘mind’ kicks in and says….’Is anyone going to buy an open casket funeral? A passed out drunk with a bottle? A lynch mob? A woman who has danced provocatively scrambling after thrown money?’ Often, it surprises me how many people are drawn to my riskier pieces. What I have found is people like the truth….if portrayed with reverence and compassion for the subject matter.

I want folks to see my work and know that, ‘this artist was not patronizing and cared to give me his best.’ I would love to be able to open another’s eyes, for them to see how I see, when sculpting (to realize how much I agonize over every square ¼ inch). I often keep pieces in clay for years before casting into bronze…just to be sure I’ve exhausted every possibility to make them the best I can. Through my training, I’ve come to intuitively ask with each piece (and as I walk through life): Is the shadow to light / to dark? Is the line of silhouette creating the mood intended? Where could I have put more mass? In the words of my mentor, ‘Being a sculptor ain’t for sissies.’ It is truly a purposeful decision making process….filtered through the heart.

I have found that there is a place within all people that hungers for expression. I feel blessed that this avenue of expression, for me, has as its conduit……clay.“

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