LeRoy Transfield

LeRoy Transfield

Over the past 30+ years LeRoy Transfield has won numerous local and national awards despite these honors, his greatest reward is creating sculpture that have beauty, emotion and are pleasing to the eye. He strives for a high standard of excellence rather than catering excessively to a commercial market.

He has created many monuments and memorials for Utah cities and towns as well as private collections and corporations.

His sculpture work is among a very few that have been placed on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints temples. A relief sculpture he did of Christ and the Apostles can been seen above the entrance to the LDS temple in Newport Beach, California.

He has many other interests and passions including enjoying time with his wife and kids, the great outdoors and listening to classical music.

“My hope is that over my lifetime I will create a body of work that will be admired and celebrated. When I am gone, I hope it can be said of me that I was a person of passion, sincerity and truth, that I have earned a place in history and can be called a true Sculptor!

When I am asked about the philosophy of my art, I recall the adage that to understand what kind of artist one is, try by first creating things and then look back at what all one has made. In other words, to find out where you’re going, look at where you’ve been. It may seem counterintuitive, but for me that meant spending a few years of sculpting many pieces that had no other purpose other than to help develop my talents and give me a clue as to my feelings, desires and direction. I could have used less time figuring what kind of sculptor I wanted to be and rushed myself, but the road is becoming much more clear for me now, my perseverance is paying off and I am excited about the future.

How do I come up with a sculpture? Sometimes I have a great model and I can use their energy and put it into the work. Other times I must first perceive what I am going to create. When I think of a new sculpture I will create, I try to open myself to whatever inspiration or image I can receive. Sometimes I see something very fleeting It’s like turning to see something just as it disappears around the corner, just out of my vision. In my mind it is a most beautiful sculpture. And so I sculpt. And as I sculpt, as I push the clay and shape it, it becomes more pleasing, the apparition becomes real. It becomes pleasing to the eye, and fills me with a feeling of thankfulness, enlightenment and the world seems a wonderful place. Oh what joy and happiness when that happens!”