20x24 Inches


Inventory#: EBI-009

The Fairy Dress


16x12 Inches


Inventory#: EBI-008

Satin Doll


12x9 Inches


Inventory#: EBI-007

Every Day At Four


16x20 Inches


Inventory#: EBI-006



20x16 Inches




36x24 Inches


Eric Bowman

“Somewhere just prior to the turn of the 20th century, a reformist movement began in the world of art… Artists & Craftsmen of the era recognized that mass production and reproduction of the industrialized age was separating the human spirit from its own creativity — a century later, history is repeating itself and I want no part of it.

Unlike the mechanized automation of our current technical times, becoming a painter is not achieved with the push of a button (or the click of a mouse)… it is a life-long process refining an individual’s passion into a unique visual dialect.

It takes work.

As an artist, my desire is to create images that matter to people — images that go beyond the superficial and touch the soul, allowing them to interpret the picture themselves and become part of the creative process. My part of that process is to engage my senses and paint on an intuitive level, subconsciously editing out extraneous detail while capturing the essence of the subject.

Satisfaction and success come from being in the moment and communicating a representation of it that speaks to the viewer, evoking a positive response — and proving that creativity and the human spirit are indeed not separated at all.”


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