For the Love of Three Chickens


16.5' x 6.5' x 5' Inches


Inventory#: AEI-011

Before Thee, Lord


4x8 Inches


Inventory#: AEI-008

Before Thee Lord, 2



Inventory#: AEI-010

In The Garden



Inventory#: AEI-009

Mother and Child


14 inches


Inventory#: AEI-007



7.5x5.5x5 inches


Inventory#: AEI-006



10 3/4" x 7 1/4" x 6"


Inventory#: AEI-002

Donatello's Madonna


10" x 10"


Inventory#: AEI-004

The Gift


11" x 14"


Inventory#: AEI-003

Duet, Mary & Martha


22" x 10" x 8 1/2"


Inventory#: AEI-001

Duet, Mary & Martha


40 inches(Also available in 22 inches)


Inventory#: AEI-005

Annette Everett

I am an observer of life. All people watch other people; it is a human response to others. Because of talents discovered early, I just happen to draw or paint or sculpt them in order to understand humanity better. I seek people and experiences that uplift and teach me. My work is traditional, representational, and usually has a spiritual theme explored through symbolism and compositional themes. I am inspired by the goodness and growth of people, and seek to portray that. I choose to focus on and elevate the positive.

J. Leo Fairbanks, of the outstanding Fairbanks sculpting family, wrote his artist statement many years ago as a poem, and I have taken it as my own:

Is for service;
For making things beautiful as well as useful;
For lifting man above the sordid things
that grind and depress;
To give a joyous optimism in one’s work;
To realize transitory hopes
in enduring tangible material;
To visualize ideals and to idealize realities.

I honor the gift I have been given by hard work, continuing study, and service.

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