Jim McVicker

Jim McVicker

I have always been a lover of nature and the outdoors. Some of my best memories are of my time spent hiking in the mountains and traveling to state and national parks with my parents. When I discovered my love of painting more than 40 years ago I knew I would paint on location, working from life and painting the beauty I saw around me.

With time and experience I also developed a passion for still life and figure painting. With all subject matter I’m most inspired by the direct connection I get when working from life.

It’s hard to define what I feel when working from life that I find so powerful compared to painting from a photograph or my imagination.

Outdoors, painting plein air there is the energy, an elusive spiritual energy, the air and light, all the visual stimulation and the overwhelming beauty, life in flux. It all inspires and compels me to paint.

I hope that people viewing my work will sense my love of live, art and deep reverence and respect for nature, the environment and the joy I feel when painting all that I’m a part of.