J Brad Holt

J Brad Holt

My chief joy is painting from life. Getting out of the studio and painting on location is what keeps the work fresh and vibrant. Most artists work from photographs to a certain extent, and I am no exception, but an over-reliance on photographic reference seems to breed a feeling of lifelessness in the landscape especially. Partly this is due to the quality of the light, but it is exacerbated by the tedious nature of the exercise: It reduces the artist to a mere copyist, and there is little enjoyment in that. Paul Klee said that the importance of a work of art is that it derives from an inner necessity. That personal motivation is what breathes life into an artifact, and makes it transcend the simple act of visual representation. If a viewer stands before my art and feels exhausted by the sheer amount of work involved in its production, then I have failed to achieve my goal. I want the viewer to feel the tremendous joy that I feel in the act of painting! That joy should translate through every brush-stroke, and the future owner of that painting should feel a little dividend of that joy every time they look at the piece.

Brad Holt is a lifelong resident of Cedar City Utah. He is a graduate of Cedar City High School, and Southern Utah State College (SUU). He began painting early under the mentorship of Jimmie Jones. In School he studied under Tom Leek, Arlene Braithewaite, Glen Anderson, Nina Marshall, and Spike Ress.

Brad has participated in numerous juried shows and Invitationals, including: Art For The Parks, The Springville Spring Salon, The Southern Utah Invitational, The Sears Dixie Invitational, The Zion Invitational, and the Sedona Invitational.

Brad spent twenty years in the Utah Army National Guard, and as a musician specializing in early music, he spent several seasons performing with the Utah Shakespeare Festival.