In the spirit of community support and respect for social-distancing, our three galleries will be open BY APPOINTMENT ONLY from March 23rd – April 6th.  You may view the art at: Illume Gallery of Fine Art, Authentique Gallery, & The Mission Gallery by personal appointment. 

Contact Jane at 435-313-5008 Or Carol at 425-680-2765 to schedule your outing and give yourself a safe, healthy environment to escape the world for a moment!

We are contributing FREE SHIPPING & HANDLING for all purchases through April 30th
to support our artists and encourage safe and socially responsible actions.

We have the art you want!

Our gallery specializes in museum-quality works of art from a stable of nationally-known painters and sculptors. The works of art in our gallery promise to inspire and illuminate the soul

The New Visions Art Show & Auction- Is Now Live Online ONLY!

On location New Visions Show Cancelled.

13th Annual New Visions Art Show

The soul of an artist is difficult to explain, but once you come across one, you’ll never be the same. They may run away from the world for a bit while they’re lost in their craft, but once they return, they’ll come back bearing something remarkable to share with the world.

We are so grateful for our artists and the beauty that they have to offer us in this uncertain time.

Perhaps we can all follow their example, and embrace the beauty that the world around has to offer. If that doesn’t come naturally for you, that’s okay, take a moment and lose yourself in the beauty that each of our artists has created! Visit us online at one of our three Galleries and take some time to run away from the world for a bit, and when you return, you will realize that there is so much beauty all around!

Illume Gallery of Fine Art – Located in St. George, Utah

Located in downtown St. George, Utah, The Illume Gallery of Fine Art specializes in works of art from a wide variety of subject matter, including western, figurative, still-life, and landscape.

Our experienced and friendly staff looks forward to assisting you as you begin or expand your fine art collection. We are glad to provide information regarding our established and up and coming artists.


We look forward to assisting you with your fine art acquisitions!

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