Prepare for an event surrounded in beauty and culture.

In this workshop students will paint a landscape in the studio using photographs. The goal will be to create simple designs that have a strong foundation and a well thought out composition. Creating paintings with dramatic lighting that will command attention and breathe new life into your Studio work.

Linda will discuss how to paint from your focal point out while paying attention to values, composition and edges. This workshop will include instructor demonstrations and plenty of individual attention.  Photographs will be supplied by the teacher which includes subject matter from Grand Canyon, Desert vistas, interior forest and the high mountain scenes.

Students will learn techniques to skillfully handle paintings filled with sunlight and produce works that are bold and confident. Students will be covering tonal values, composition, brushwork, color saturation and focal points in OIL or ACRYLICS. Workshops will be conducted in a friendly, inspirational and positive environment. ALL SKILL LEVELS WELCOME!